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  • Easy to Install
  • SA310A is composed by two parts. Front Panel and Control Module.
    Front Panel is very thin (t=50mm) and designed elegant veneer so it can be installed easily on suitable place
    where the operator can see clearly.
    Additionally, Control Module can be installed on wherever the operator can maintain easily.
  • Various Display panel and Elegant Appearance
  • We verified Display panel to recognize all required information at once, and we use LEXAN Film which is good
    looking and strong for dust.
  • SA310A Controller has sequence Board which controls Main Control Module and all input/Out signal.
    And this Sequence Board is programmed to operate with best function.
  • All input/output signal is composed by “Photo-coupler” to cover all noise from external environment and
    protected by DATA BACK-UP function when the power is out.
    In addition, it has WATCH-DOG system which can recover automatically when the MICOM Has malfunction
    due to abnormal various from environment or noise.
  • Analog Input & A/D Conversion
  • Input Sensitivity 0.3㎶ / D
    Zero Adjustment Range - 0.6mV ∼ + 1.5mV
    Load Cell Excitation DC 10V (±5V)
    Load Cell Input Voltage 32mV
    Temperature Coefficient ZERO : ±20 PPM / ℃
    SPAN : ±20 PPM / ℃
    Input Noise ±0.6㎶ P.P
    Input Impedance 10㏁ or More
    A/D Conversion Method Delta-Sigma
    A/D Resolution 520,000 Count(19bit)
    A/D Conversion Rat 200Times / Sec
    Non-linearity 0.01% FS
  • Digital Part
  • Section Display Hidden Display SPECIFICATIONS
    Main Display Weight - 7-Segment. 6 digit Red High Brightness LED Display
    Font Size : (H)14.1 X (W)8.1mm
    Bulk, Drib, Fall
    Over / Low
    7-Segment. 8 digit Red High Brightness LED Display
    Font Size : (H)10.1 X (W)6.0mm
    Part No.
    Accumulated Weight
    7-Segment. 8 digit Red High Brightness LED Display
    Font Size : (H)10.1 X (W)5.8mm
    Annunciator 1 Steady, Zero, Over, Pass, Low
    Bulk(step1.), Drib(Step 2.)
    Fall(Step 3.), Batch Finish, and Discharge
    Red LED 3Ø
    Annunciator 3 Pre, Stop, Auto Discharge,
    Manual Discharge, On/Off
    Red LED 3Ø
    KEY Numeric KEY (P/N Function) 0 ~ 9(10ea) / P/N Memory 1~10
    Function KEY Cancel, Input, P/N, Set, Bulk, Drib, Fall, Low
    Over, Sub-total, Gross-total, Print, Zero, Run
    Stop, Auto-Discharge, Manual Discharge,
    On/Off (18 keys)
  • General Specifications
  • Power Supply AC220V (±10%), 50/60Hz, Approx. 100VA
    Operating Temperature 0℃ ∼ 40℃
    Operating Humidity 85% Rh (Without Condensing)
    Physical Dimensions 1. Front Panel : (W)202ⅹ(L)220ⅹ(T)50mm
    2. Control Panel : (W)310ⅹ(H)220ⅹ(T)71mm
    Net Weight 1. Front Panel : Approx. 1.2Kg
    2. Control Panel : Approx. 2.5Kg
  • Print Specifications  (Option)
  • Printing Method Impact Dot Matrix
    Install Panel Type
    Number of Print Columns 30 /40 Columns
    Print Speed 1.6 Line/Sec
    Font Configuration 5ⅹ7
    Paper (W)57mm * (Dia)Φ60mm
    Character Type Graphic : Bit Image, English, Number and Additional Character, Hangul
    Total Dot 240 Dots/Line
    Interface Centronics Parallel
    Physical Dimensions (W)122ⅹ(D)90ⅹ(H)129mm
    Power Requirements DC 12V 1.5A (Option : AC Adapter 110V/220V)
    Ribbon ERC-09(Cartridge Cassette)
    Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ +40℃
    Maximum Humidity 85% Rh ( Non-Condensing)
    ◆ Remark : Specifications subject to change for improvement without prior notice.