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 Digital Weighing Indicator - SI4100
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- Universal purpose(Package, Weight Check, Accumulation)
- External Input : 4pcs input built in
- Control Relay output : SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, Finish, Empty(6pcs)
- Communication : Serial interface 2pcs(1pcs is standard)
- HOLD Function (Sample / Peak Hold)
- Visible Output Relay signal on Front Panel (2Ø RED LED)

- Easy to enter with “Calibration Lock-Switch.
- Full Automatic “Zero” adjustment by program. (without “Dip-Switch Adjustment)
- “Simulation - Calibration” mode added. (without “Test Weight” to make calibrate)
  Analogue Section     Digital Section
Input Sensitivity Min. 0.2㎶ / Digit
Load cell Excitation DC 10V (-5V ~ +5V)
Non-Linearity 0.005% of Full Scale
[Zero] ±5PPM/℃
[Span] ±5PPM/℃
Input Noise ±0.3㎶ P.P
A/D Conversion
Sampling Speed Max. 500times/sec
Resolution Internal : 1/520,000(19bit)
Display : 1/20,000
Display Section Specification
Weight Display 7 Segment, 7 Digit
Green VFD
Digit(Division) ×1,×2,×5,×10,×20,×50
Max. Display +999.950
Under Zero “-“ symbol display
“▼” display Steady, Zero, Tare, Run, Hold, Print, Comm.
2Ø RED LED SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, Kg, g, t
Key pad Number keys : Total 15keys
Calibration Lock key : 1pcs
  General Section     Option
Power Supply AC110/220V, 50/60Hz
Less than 85% Rh
Dimension 200(L) ×105(W) ×165mm(D)
Cutting Size 188(L) ×94mm(H)
Weight (kg) Net 3.0kg Gross 3.5kg
Option No.1 Serial Port(RS232 / 422 / 485)
Option No.2 Analogue Output(0~10V)
Option No.3 Analogue Output(4~2mA)
Option No.4 BCD input
Option No.5 BCD Output
Option No.6 Parallel Printer Interface
    * 1pcs of Serial interface is installed as a standard
  Option List     System Application
Model Remarks
Standard RS-232C
Option 01 RS232/422/485(Optional Serial Port)
Option 02 Analog Out (0~10V)
Option 03 Analog Out (4~20mA)
Option 04 Printer Interface (Centronics Pallele)
Option 05 BCD In (Part No. Change)